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Recently we updated the software of our dashboard and welcomed a new feature: the visualise results module. This module enables you to create visual overviews of your collected research data. Through some well thought-out settings this feature not only makes your results prettier, but also helps you in analysing your visual output. A quick look behind the scenes:

Per respondent you can map out all results of your research. These cartoony overviews we call ‘experience storyboards’. You can browse through the experience storyboards of all respondents and download the images to your pc.visualise data

If you only want to see specific tasks in the storyboard, you can filter and view the output of all respondents, enabling you to analyse results. Select tasks and arrange by respondents in the module. Again, you can download these images to your pc. Clicking on the respodent’s name will lead you back to his or her personal experience storyboard.visualise data2

If you are curious to all results of just one task, you can arrange task results per task. Your visual will show all answers of that certain task, giving you a nice collage.visualise data3

And that’s not all! You can also search on keywords in your results, to find out how many people answered with the word ‘lekker’, for instance.visualise data4

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