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Get the most out of Contextmapp: some tips and tricks

We have seen our software being applied in many different projects since clients vary from design agencies to market researchers, and focus differs from diary studies to customer journeys or event barometers. Although every project requires a unique approach, we have found some similarities in how to get the most out of a research. These are our main findings:

1. Using visuals, gamification elements and the right tone of voice helps to enhance the experience and thus engagement of the participants.
Make it fun! We’ve tried to help you by creating some fancy pre-set icons for multiple-image questions as well as a set of decorative pictures to upload to the app. Like our style? We can provide you with many more customized icons. Obviously you can create your own style by designing your own images and upload those. Build in some gamification by giving feedback of a user’s progress. We’ve done this my mimicking achievements as shown in the picture below, just using a plain text task with a customized image.


2. Fit in a user’s life.
Try to look forward and understand how the research fits into the experience of the user; smart usage of push notifications and timers can help people remember to participate at the right time. We’ve also seen some plain text tasks, asking people to make up their own prompts.

3. Improve and test.
Always conduct the research upfront yourself. Download the app and add yourself as a respondent, using a different email address. You’ll always find that some questions and assignments are best asked differently. Iterate, then iterate again.

4. Ask ambiguous questions.
Ambiguous questions – questions which can have more than one way of interpreting – allow your participants to fill in the assignment as they see fit. This way you’ll get the answers that really matter to them. Also ask follow up questions to reveal considerations and motivation.

5. Monitor progress.
This is cool! In the dashboard you can monitor progress, help laggers and actually see who conducts a certain assignment on time. Send out personal push notifications to respondents in order to remind or motivate them.

6. Visualize results.
Use the rich data you acquired. It helps you during analysis, and truly strengthens and supports the acceptance of your research findings towards your clients. See our previous blogpost for some examples.

Ready? Go!

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