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Pricing guide

Contextmapp’s pricing system is simple. We use “credits” for participants!

1 credit = 1 participant

Use 1 credit for 1 participant in 1 project during 3 months.

No rush: 1 year valid!

There is no need to rush. Your Contextmapp Credits are valid for one year if they are not used yet.

Only active participants

Invitations and registration do not cost you credits yet. Only participants that have actually logged in the mobile app or the online forum.

No limitation on number of assignments

There is no limit in the amount of assignments you can send to a participant.

Pricing table

You can choose between 2 options: the prepaid option OR become a Member.

Buy per credit

Perfect for a short one-time project


Partner up with us for lots of extra benefits!

  • Trial

    • 5
      free participants
    • Full
      feature access
    • The only restriction applied to the Trial account is a maximum of 5 participants
  • Prepaid

    • Pay for the amount of credits you need
    • 0-49 credits (10 credit minimum)
      € 19 per credit
    • 50-99 credits
      € 15 per credit
    • 100-199 credits
      € 9 per credit
    • 200+ credits
      Please get a membership
  • Membership

    € 399 monthly
    For a minimum of 6 months
    • Unlimited usage
      (Fair Usage Policy)
    • 50% discount on a whitelabel app

    • 20% discount on Xperience Storyboards

    Extended information below

None of the above applies to your usage? No worry, contact us for a custom fit!

  • Optional

    • White Label Application
      € 5000 once + 100 monthly
    • Xperience Storyboard
      € 1000 per design
    • Best in Class workshop
      € 500 per participant
  • Partnership Benefits

      • icon
      • White Label Application
        Having your own app in Apple App Store and the Google Play store with the Contextmapp technology enables you conduct your research with your own brand styling.
      • icon
      • Xperience Storyboard
        Xperience Storyboards are beautiful visually designed posters or presentations to present the results of the research to your team.
      • icon
      • Best in Class
        Once a year we organise a Best in Class event for all our members and those interested. Discuss the latest evolutions in the research field, new features of our platform, some best usage cases during the year and the road map for next year.
      • icon
      • Marketing Effort
        Based on your partnership we reserve a budget you can spend on co-advertising like promotions or acquisition activities.
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      • Hot Leads
        As a Premium partner member you will be part of our “Hot Leads-Program”. Companies interested working with Contextmapp but do not have the know-how will be directly forwarded to members of this program.
      • icon
      • Roadmapp
        Priority is given to create new features and make improvements suggested by Partners. For us, partnerships are all about co-creating an even better platform