You pay € 100,- per user per month and you pay for credits. This means you only pay credits if participants are participating in your project.


Pay for the amount of credits you need

10 credits
€ 19 per credit
50 credits
€ 15 per credit
200 credits
€ 10 per credit
Sign up now for a free trial account! With your free trial account, explore the possibilities of our platform and invite 5 participants to join your project. If you want to invite more participants and start a real project, you can upgrade at any point from our online dashboard.
None of the above applies to your usage? No worry, contact us for a custom fit!


Contextmapp’s pricing system is simple. We use credits for participants!

1 credit = 1 participant

Use 1 credit for 1 participant in 1 project anytime you want, for as long as you want.

No rush!

There is no need to rush. Your Contextmapp credits are valid as long as you can imagine. No deadline.

Only active participants

Invitations and registration do not cost you credits. Only participants that have actually logged in the mobile app or the online forum.

No limitation on number of assignments

There is no limit in the amount of assignments you can send to a participant.

Additional services

White Label Application

Contact us

Having your own app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store with the Contextmapp technology enables you conduct your research with your own brand styling.

Xperience Storyboard

€ 995,- per design

Xperience Storyboards are beautiful visually designed posters or presentations to present the results of the research to your team.

Best in Class Workshop

€ 495 per participant

Once a year we organise a Best in Class event for all our members and those interested. Discuss the latest evolutions in the research field, new features of our platform, some best usage cases during the year and the road map for next year.