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Build great things. Together.

At Contextmapp, we love innovation. And we believe involving customers will create added value for all involved stakeholders.  That’s of course why we created the Contextmapp in the first place. But that’s also why we have transformed from a mobile research platform to a collaboration platform! Involved in the right way, customers are rich sources of information and can help to great lengths in improving your offering. So why not harness the creativity of your customers and build great things together? Yep, that’s what we thought as well! So, meet our improved platform with new ways to involve your customers!

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The group discussion was build to dig deeper into the findings from the mobile study. While most mobile study input is brief, as you don’t want to disturb the customer too much while he is on the go, the group discussion is meant to involve people when they are at ease and have time to reflect on their findings.

Compare it to an online focus group, but then with participants who can be seated anywhere around the world, and join in at any time they want. Use the data from the mobile diary study to get the conversation started and share experiences together. Let them come up with ideas and solutions for encountered problems, create designs, get customer feedback instantly and discuss what should be your next big thing.

But that’s not the only thing that has changed since the last update. We’ve also added extra functionality, improved the research interface and created new ways to analyze your results in less time! Let us give you a tour, to start with the new interfaces.

Participant interface for desktop use

To improve the user experience for the participant, we have build a progress dashboard. On this dashboard all participants can easily see what’s expected from them and where they are in the process. This is what they’ll see:


New researcher interface

The interface for researchers has also been improved. We made it even easier to set up and monitor the progress of your participants. As soon as you create a project, you’ll get a visual representation of the different steps.

Set up a project

1) Set up a mobile diary study.

Start on the left side by creating a mobile diary study. Drag and drop assignments the way you are used to. As soon as the results come in, this is the place where you can visualize the data – either per person or per task.

2) Invite respondents

Invite respondents the way you are used to; by sending them an e-mail, by creating an account in advance or by asking them to sign up themselves.

3) Set up a group discussion

So this is what’s really new: set up a group discussion! Invite respondents to join a particular discussion on a topic you created. Or have them create topics themselves. Use the data from the mobile diary study to get the conversation started and share experiences together. Quote each other, upload ideas, create new rooms, new topics, invite experts, colleagues, lead users; all what’s necessary to get the most out of the creativity of you participants.

4) Monitor the progress

Monitor your project and see who already finished which assignments and how active they are in joining the discussion. Send push notifications to the ones who didn’t finish a certain assignment or compliment the ones who are actively participating – via de app or by sending them an e-mail.

Monitor project

5) Analyze the results

As soon as the results come in you can start tagging relevant information. This can be done during the mobile study and during the discussion – whenever you see something interesting. Tag a quote or picture if you recognize a certain problem that (re-)occurs. Or identify needs, persona’s or key moments in the journey. Use different colors for different tags, to easily distinguish them.


Use the analysis page to play around with your research results. Sort and cluster tags, move tags from one cluster to another, discuss together what the results mean and draw conclusions for your research.


That was it!

Want to see how it works for yourself? Sign-up for a free trial and play around!

Of course we are already working on new features and functionalities, so keep posted! Oh, and we’re really curious what you think of the Contextmapp as it is. So please share your opinion and tell us what you think! Drop us a line by email, contact us on Twitter or fill in the the form on on contact page.


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