Meet the Milkymap Test Team


From VIP to Beta to Live

After a whole year of building and programming came one of the most exciting days for Milkymap, the tool was ready to be used! And because we are obsessed with empathy and listening to the customer’s needs, the next step consisted in testing it with real users. That is why we recruited 40 CX professionals with various levels of experience and gave them access to the tool for 16 weeks.

It was very stimulating to watch this group immediately work on the Milkymap platform, even with supporting their own consultancy projects. Thanks to this team and their substantial constructive feedback, support and input, we were able to optimize the tool, sometimes meaning that we had to add, adjust or delete functionalities. From this moment on, our landing page was open to the public as a sign-up page, in order to get on the waiting list to be the first to be given access to the tool in its next stage.

Part of the Milkymap VIP testing team

From VIP to Beta-Version

After the 16-week VIP test, those who signed up, a greater group consisting of 35 different nationalities, was given access to the beta-version of the tool. The idea of this bigger closed group was to be able to test the platform on a greater scale and continue to refine the tool in terms of performance, analysis of data, visitors on the website, maps being created, customer service, knowledgebase, usage, quality, etc. This gave us deeper insights on the development of functionalities and the finetuning of what we had already been working on.

The Next Step, from Beta to LIVE

Milkymap will come into the market in the next weeks. The exact date is not yet on the table as we remain agile. We are working on the premium functionalities so that users who require more professional options can step up without any struggle. Keep in mind that the free version will always prevail so that everyone can keep on mapping and making episodes and touchpoints.

Updates are going to keep coming, so keep checking the Milkymap platform for these improvements. The speed has improved, bugs have been eradicated, the knowledgebase has been optimized, the design and export of maps in .pdf has been upgraded, languages have been added to the emotion-wheel (Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, English and Dutch), the description of touchpoints is now better as is the touchpoint wizard and much more!

Interest in the Market

We’ve received much compliments and lots of people have contacted us with their interest. Bear with us as launch date is closer every day. Milkymap is already being used by Universities in The Netherlands as part of their course options for various management degrees. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

More Feedback

Since we ourselves always preach for customer centered thinking, please do keep giving us feedback about your desired functionalities; making personas, own parameters, file management, touchpoints, emotion-curve, presentation mode, various emotions per channel, etc. This is the only way that we can keep improving Milkymap for you. Send us an email or a message through our chat platform.

Wishing you lots of success with Milkymapping!