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For the development and implementation of an omnichannel strategy for the Municipality of Tilburg, Conexperience collaborated with Bureau12 to perform a qualitative and quantitative research study. Measurement and analyse of the experience of the inhabitants of the municipality of Tilburg was a part of this. By gaining insight into the experience, the Tilburg Municipality is able to optimize channels, processes and touchpoints according to an omnichannel strategy.

The Customer Safari on three customer processes was carried out by nine officials of the Tilburg Municipality. As a result, internal support was immediately established and the truth was flawlessly put on the table. In preparation for the Customer Safari, specific tasks were assigned to selected participants.

Following an interactive and extensive briefing and the installation of the Contextmapp, participants in Safari were able to observe what residents in daily life experience when interacting with the Tilburg Municipality. During three weeks, the participants completed 25 questions in the app. In the meantime they contacted each other via the app and via email about progress and any questions. The Management team was invited as observers to the Contextmapp dashboard. In this way, they could keep track of progress, which significantly increased the involvement.

After three weeks, in the return session, a storyboard was made per Customer Journey in just two hours. This provided three visualized A0 posters presented to the entire project group and some managers. It turned out that the site was easily found and the process to get into contact went smooth. We found some improvement points in referring to other channels and the way of communication as this was not always as efficient and consistent.

The results of the Customer Safari were used at the Customer Journey Mapping workshop that was run after the Customer Safari. In this way we were able to provide quality input for structuring and visualizing the entire Customer Journey, providing evidence and background to what residents experience during the various touchpoints.