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Contextmapp went to the Web Summit!


Contextmapp is growing rapidly and we’re not the only ones excited about the recent update (read more about the update). The organization of the Web Summit (they call themselves “the best technology conference on the planet”) regarded Contextmapp as one of the most exciting startups of the world and arranged for a free stand! How cool is that?!

So, on 3-6 November, the Contextmapp team went to Dublin to show the world what we created! Three days full of inspiration, meeting nice people and showing our newest product. Super exciting and a real boost for our organization!

We arrived on the 3rd in the afternoon and immediately started with the first part of the summit: go to the bars meeting fellow exhibitors and other attendees. This was the moment we realized how big this event actually was. The whole city center was filled with web summit people. The next morning it became even more clear as we went to the summit area, where all traffic got stuck when trying to transport the 22.000 people who were attending.

Tuesday we were able to drown ourselves in innovation. We listened to many inspiring talks – from a discussion on new media strategies from Huffington and Fox, to a glimpse in the future world of self-driving cars by a Silicon Valley professor from the Singularity University. In between the talks we walked around and tried to see as many relevant startups as possible. We always say the world is changing faster than ever and innovation is in an exponential curve. And this event showed us this is very true.

Wednesday was our day to shine. From 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening we showed everyone who wanted to listen what we created. It was wonderful to see so many people being so enthusiastic about our product! That really gives an extra boost. Fully packed with fresh energy we started another evening of socializing, this time meeting all other Dutch attendees. Good moment to realize how innovative our little country actually is!

Thursday was another day of gaining knowledge, walking around, getting to know all the other innovations. A perfect last day of an even more perfect week!



Web Summit, thank you for having us!


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