Get inspired by these projects. Other companies used Contextmapp to do research, gather insights and improve Customer Journey’s.


Koos, Service Design used the Contextmapp in developing a new business strategy for one of their clients: a car lease company. 25 respondents used the app to track their travels and map their daily mobility during three days.


MWM2, an expert online research agency used Contextmapp in order to fulfill the need of one of its client. MWM2 was conducting a study for a Dutch television advertising company which wanted to get clearer insights on people’s habits of watching TV and the role the television plays in their life.


Philips Kitchen Appliances captured 80 cooking moments through the Contextmapp, giving them rich insights into real needs and habits of Dutch cooks. Through just one simple URL tweet, Philips recruited over 80 respondents who offered a peak into their kitchens.


Innovation lab is a bottom-up initiative within the Honours Programme Leiden-Delft-Erasmus. It looks for a scientific and creative way to create a happy city in the future. Professors and PhDs in positive design, psychology, philosophy, economics … and students from various disciplines together form the Laboratory ‘De Gelukkige Stad’ (the Happy City).


AFC Ajax, one of the most successful soccer clubs in the Netherlands, used Contextmapp to get a better understanding of the stadium experience and the loyalty of their fans.

Customer Safari

Milkymap used Contextmapp as a tool for performing a Customer Safari for the Municipality of Tilburg. The reason for this was simple: provide participants an environment to give qualitative input with a user friendly mobile app and ensure proper output so the organization can analyze and improve the customer experience. Milkymap guides organizations in implementing customer experience management. The Customer Safari is a part of this.