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Customer Journey Research on the Go… Simple & Fun!

Set up your own Customer Journey Mapping project in no time and invite your customers to participate. Through our mobile application get deeper customer insights, speed up your innovation process, find the perfect fit and deliver increased value to your customers.

Customer Journey Research

Want to know what your users think & do – right in the moment? Contextmapp allows you to discover what people think and feel about your products, services, locations and brand, in real time.

Mobile Diary Study

Go deeper. Follow your users over time, learn what really matters in their lives, and how your services can best fit their needs. Start understanding the ‘why’.

Co-creation Project

Create value together with your customers, don’t just research customers as subjects, but collaborate with them in all stages of the design process.


Boost your innovation power


Harness the creativity of your customers

Add value

Engage and increase loyalty


Escape the offer anarchy