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Diary study and journey research, easy and cool

Contextmapp is an innovative research tool with an app for participants and a state-of-the-art dashboard for researchers. Collect feedback, qualitative insights, photos, videos, quotes and scores. High response rates with different invitation options. No monthly fees, only pay for credits per participating participant.

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Want to know what your users think & do – right in the moment? Contextmapp allows you to discover what people think and feel about your products, services, locations and brand, in real time. You use a dashboard, they use the Contextmapp app, available in Playstore and Appstore.


Make your research matter most

Customer research has never been easier and more powerful – be a research master, share your insights, boost collaboration in your organization and aim for the best insights.


Create your research the way you want it with several types of questions. Like a photo/video, free text, a score, choosing from images or multiple choice. With assignments and tasks you can construct the research so that it always gives you the right insights.


Contextmapp comes with a free credit, which means you can test your research for free. After finishing testing you can invite real participants to your research. Simple, fast and user friendly.


Invitations in Contextmapp are flexible, invite participants by e-mail, create their profile upfront or create a unique code to spread around. Or simply grab participants from other projects.


When you have all the necessary answers and input, you can start analysing in your dashboard and browse through the content. Select a participant, an assignment or a specific task, you can always find the insight you are looking for.

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Customer Testimonials

Setting up my research was really easy and inviting the participants very flexible. The results were that I had a lot of input for our project. The management loved the in dept results and all the insights we gathered.

 Geovanni Regio

Great insights and happy participants. Useful input for our research, really recommend Contextmapp.

Suzan McGregor


Contextmapp really helped us to setup a useful research, inviting the right participants and gather the insights we were looking for. The project was a success and participants liked the usage of the app.

Sven Gravenberg
Insurance company

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