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A peak into Dutch kitchens

Philips Kitchen Appliances captured 80 cooking moments through the Contextmapp, giving them rich insights into real needs and habits of Dutch cooks. Through just one simple URL tweet, Philips recruited over 80 respondents who offered a peak into their kitchens.  Respondents used the Contextmapp while preparing two meals: one on a weekday and one during the weekend.

Contextmapp was used as a tool on itself. With the outcomes from the app Philips created a segmentation based on cooking needs. Also, the differences between week and weekend dinners were retrieved. Next step was to quantify the segmentation in a follow-up research.

Personal context



In this project, using the Contextmapp was especially valuable since some unasked questions were answered. Furthermore, through the Contextmapp, Philips was able to remind respondents to record the cooking through push notifications at set times.

“We found answers on questions we didn’t even ask. We could not only see all the ingredients that were used for cooking a meal, but also if respondents bought pre-cut vegetables or cut the vegetables themselves.” Maartje – Philips Kitchen Appliances