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Television habits

MWM2, an expert online research agency used Contextmapp in order to fulfill the need of one of its client. MWM2 was conducting a study for a Dutch television advertising company which wanted to get clearer insights on people’s habits of watching TV and the role the television plays in their life.

To do so, MWM2 conducted its research through 2 phases, the first one being them using our Contextmapp mobile application to get answers from participants, using media features such as taking videos, photos or answering simple questions. MWM2 invited participants to download the app and via their mobile phone, they were contacted every day to answer a few questions, especially when they were at home, watching the television for instance. The application helped gathering visual data and sensitized participants to the second phase composed of interviews.

Personal context


Diversified features

Through our mobile app, MWM2 could gather high quality information as the time lapse between the participant reading the question and the answer was short thanks to the availability of the mobile phone. The participants were then more open to participate sincerely in the project research as it was easy and fast to answer.
Thanks to a visual page analysis, MWM2 was able to analyze easily the collected data and presented successfully its research to its client.

Easy analyse

Quality data