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Tracking mobility

Koos, Service Design used the Contextmapp in developing a new business strategy for one of their clients: a car leasing company. The generative tool helped mapping out the context of people’s mobility and sensitized participants for the in-depth interviews that followed. During these interviews Koos, Service Design was able to retrieve people’s latent needs

Koos, Service Design did a twofold research with 25 participants in total. A first research aimed at exploring the general mobility needs and habits of 13 respondents. A second research with 12 respondents focused on carleasing. Contextmapp created 25 personal experience storyboards from the data, which were used as input for the in-depth interviews. A needsmap and segmentation were derived from the two researches, for which personas were created. Respondents’ pictures were used to support these personas. Next steps were quantifying the results and rolling out a new strategy.


Personal context



In this project, Contextmapp was especially valuable in mapping out respondents’ complete mobility experiences on-the-go. It enabled Koos to retrieve real-time considerations, which gave rich insight into the motivation to use different vehicles. In addition, pictures showed more than just the type of vehicle.

“Photos gave us insight into the exact vehicles that respondents owned. A fancy race bike, for instance, was stored in someone’s house and clearly had a different value for its owner than the city bike he just parked on the street.” Jules – Koos, Service Design