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Quest for Happiness

Innovation lab is a bottom-up initiative within the Honours Programme Leiden-Delft-Erasmus. It looks for a scientific and creative way to create a happy city in the future. Professors and PhDs in positive design, psychology, philosophy, transition engineering, urban planning, sociology and economics and students from various disciplines together form the Laboratory ‘De Gelukkige Stad’ (the Happy City).

To answer the question of “how to inform people who are at risk of developing burn out – but aren’t interested in that information at that time – so they can prevent it in the future?”, three students of the Innovation lab based part of their research on a Contextmapp project.

Their answer? Designing a mobile application dedicated to students who are often busy and have a hectic life. Through small games and links to objects in the city, the student is constantly reminded of certain essential elements of this happiness. The point is to look at the bright side instead of the negative elements in people’s life.

Over a week, with Contextmapp, the students from TU Delft asked 30 other students about what makes them happy: two simple assignments per day, from taking photos of what makes them happy or stressed, to scale questions about their level of happiness.

The result of the research project? Data which would help them develop new features on their mobile application. Among them, the main activities that make students happy are eating and meeting with friends. Students enjoy capturing happy moments as photos and the concept of 2 tasks per day isn’t too much. Those data were taken into account in the app: 6 options that students can use to capture moments of happiness with photos, receive small daily and easy tasks or even be able to choose easy recipes and get tips to student meetings or restaurants.