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The Stadium experience

One of the most successful soccer clubs in the Netherlands, AFC Ajax, used Contextmapp to get a better understanding of the stadium experience and the loyalty of their fans.

With the advent of large high definition television screens and the emergence of social media as a second screen in the living room, the home soccer watching experience is constantly improving. Therefore, Ajax and the Amsterdam Arena are constantly looking for ways to improve the stadium experience at the Amsterdam ArenA.

A study was conducted to determine which factors Ajax could improve in order to stimulate stadium visits. The main answer to this question was to improve the loyalty of the fans: the more loyal the fans, the more willing they are to go to the stadium.

But how can Ajax improve the loyalty of their fans? By using Contextmapp Ajax gained insights in their fans’ motives and loyalty. Through social media, 29 participants registered to take part in the research project. First, Contextmapp was used to ask users about their relationship with Ajax, their experience while watching the matches at home and their stadium experience. Due to the mobile nature of the Contextmapp, Ajax was able to ask users about their experience right before, during and after the matches, as they were played. Ajax did this by asking participants to make a movie of their surroundings in the stadium during the break and by asking them about their current experience. This explorative research lasted for 3 weeks and was concluded with a generative session with a selected group of participants.

Main advantages of using the Contextmapp during this research:
– Deep insights into the fan experience before, during and after matches.
– By using the categorizing tool, patterns in the answers were quickly and easily discovered.
– Due to the rich information that was gathered by using the Contextmapp, Ajax was able to make a smart selection of participants for follow-up research.


Easy analysis


Customer journey

“For me, the best thing of working with Contextmapp were the insights that were gathered from the real-time answers of participants. Being able to ask participants about their experience as it unfolds just gives you so much more valuable information than asking them later.” Selmer Veninga – Ajax